Amazon App Store – How to install Amazon App store on your Android Device

Amazon App Store is an application owned by which offers its users access to apps that are available for all Amazon device. The app store allows users to download apps and games that are compactable on their device. Just as google play store is for android devices so as Amazon App Store is for Amazon mobile devices.

Amazon App Store - How to install Amazon App store on your Android Device

The major essence of the platform is for users to easily get apps that are compatible with their Amazon mobile device ranging from Kindle Fire Tablet to Fire TV. Apps on this store can also work on third-party devices such as blackberry and other devices that run on Andriod OS. Users can shop for mobile apps just as they do on Amazon shopping on portal. 

Amazon in attempt to help you save money on apps and games introduced the Amazon coin. This is a means of payment which help you save money on app purchase. This is an edge which amazon app store has over other app stores. Duo there are some apps that are free and there are also paid version of apps available on Amazon app store.

Users have to look at for the app so they don’t get charged unless they really want to purchase the app. You can make use of Amazon app store with practically any device. These devices include PCs, Android devices, fire tv and tablet. Apart from the United States, amazon app stores can be used in several countries with no restrictions.

Why You Need Amazon App Store

Amazon app store is great for people who don’t like to spend a lot of money on apps and games. Apart from the Amazon coin feature, it also offers free apps each day. Basically, each day an app is made free for everyone without any payment needed to install. After that day, the app will go back to the regular price.

The amazon coin was developed by Amazon as its own version of a digital or cryptocurrency. You can use Amazon coins on kindle or kindle fire. Also, you can use Amazon coins to pay for in-app purchases. You can transfer the coins from one person or Amazon account to another.

Amazon App Store Installation Requirements

Amazon app store is already installed on Amazon fire device. It is preinstalled on blackberry OS v10.3. For Android devices, you need to have android 4.1 or higher. Anything lower from android 4.1 will not be compatible with the app store. you also have to allow the unknown sources settings.

Install Amazon App Store Steps

To get amazon app store on your device is very easy. All you need to do is visit on your phone or tablets. Once you have click on the link, follow the prompts outlined to get it installed on your device.If you want to get the app download using your PC enter this on your web browser.

You will be taken to a page where you must enter your email. Enter your email in the column provided and then click enter. A download link will be sent straight to your email instantly. You can download the setup and then copy it to your mobile phone once this is done you can get it installed by taping on it.

Purchase and Install App on Amazon App Store

Buying an app on amazon app store is easy. You are provided with various payment methods which will aid you to make payments at your convenience. You can pay for apps by using either 1-click payment method, Amazon coins or Amazon gift card. Now to purchase and install your app follow these steps;

  1. First, you have to visit Amazon app store on your device.
  2. Look for the app you want to install or purchase from the app store.
  3. Click on the app and choose whether to buy now or get now. You can also select download if the app is free.

To install app successfully, you need to have enough space on your device. There are times when the app size maybe 4 times the actual size shown on amazon app store. Always be sure to have enough space left on your device no matter the app you want to download.

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