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Amazon Audible comes with an app that is already installed on amazon device by default and also available on iOS devices. Prime members on the household services must be familiar with the platform and what it does. If you don’t know what the Amazon audible is about and the benefit then you have the privilege of knowing what it is and the benefit.
Amazon Audible is very beneficial to people who cannot read but understands words.

Info about sports news, music entertainment, and also educational program are recorded in an audio player where members can listen whereby it can be accessed on the internet. The Info is recorded in digital audio ranging from radio and TV program, magazines and newspapers all record just like the way you listen to music. Using the services allow you to listen to millions of audiobooks display on the homepage anywhere.

Whether you are on the bus, in the kitchen, relaxing on the bed with the use of the Amazon audible play on your android devices, Amazon Kindle, Echo dot or Echo plus, PC, and also your iPhone. Prime members on Amazon Audible are offered great benefits include a monthly and annual payment which can be exchanged with any audiobooks. Also, the member is offer benefits of

  • Accessing the services for 30 days free and also a book for you to start with.
  • Swap book on the services.
  • Create your own book library and cancel it anytime.
  • You also get to listen to audio offline.

Prime members can join Amazon Audible and start to access the benefit using iOS, windows, and Android devices. Which is shown below on how to access Amazon Audible with each of the devices. Also how to purchase an audiobook on the platform .

How to Access and Purchase Products on Amazon Audible with iOS Devices

First, you have to install the Amazon Audible app on the devices by visiting app store. Search for “audible” on the search bar and install the app. Note that you cannot use the Amazon Audible to purchase audiobook with iOS devices. Use your web browser to do the following step;

  • On the web browser visit the audible site by using this link which is the default web address.
  • Click on the menu at the right corner and sign in your Amazon Account.
  • Search for the audiobook by using the search engine or click the menu to search by categories.
  • Click on the audiobook and then click on buy with 1 credit.

You can add the app to your home screen for shortcuts and quickly purchase of the Amazon audible book. Once you have purchased your book then its added to your library by itself. Now let move to the android devices if you don’t have an iOS device.

Access and Purchase Book on Amazon Audible with Android Devices

Go to google play store and download the app. but first, visit you android app setting and select receive for unknown sources. Then go back to google play store and input the app name ”audible” and then click the search icon. Install the app to your file manager it usually takes about 2 minutes to install. Once you have installed the app then follow the step below to purchase.

  • Open the app and sign in your account by entering your email and password.
  • Click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen.
  • Look for the book you want to buy with the search engine or search categories.
  • A wide selection of book is displayed on the screen for you to select.
  • Once you select the book then click on proceed to checkout.

If you want to use the iOS or the Android devices another device can also do the same function. Just like others devices. Access the audiobook using your PC on the web browser.

Amazon Audible with the PC

  • Visit the website on your web browser.
  • Click on sign in at the top of the screen. Then enter your email, password and click log in.
  • Browse the book you want to purchase and click on it.
  • Then click on “buy with 1 click”

The following step gives members the benefit of accessing the amazon audible. Once you open Amazon audible app you can click on the Amazon cloud player. Shown on the audiobook homepage and then click play.

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