Amazon Books – Amazon Books Best Sellers

Amazon Books is a series of books owned by the popular online retailer Amazon. Hundreds of thousands of books available for purchase in website. They developed this tech so that their customers can order Amazon books online or download them using the Amazon app. There is also an offline store but it is currently located few places worldwide.

Amazon Books - Amazon Books Best Sellers

One great thing I love about Amazon books is that they are mostly available in three formats. These are Hardcover, Audio Book, and MP3 CD. It all depends on what format you want. Users can always place orders for Amazon books right from the web platform which is open to all users.

How to buy Amazon Books

Buying books from Amazon is the same process as buying anything from website. In other to be able to buy any Amazon book you should have sety up an account on Amazon.

  • First, open a browser and log on to A webpage with taskbar containing several tabs appears on the screen.
  • Mouse over the account and list tab and click on sign in.
  • If you are a new customer click on start here and fill the registration form and other forms that appear on the screen.

Once you have been registered as an Amazon user, log in with your email and password. Search for the book you want to buy this can be done two different ways:

Search for Amazon Books Using the Search Bar

Due to the high numbers of books on the platform. Amazon has made it posable for users to easily do a quick search for any book he or she is looking for. The search bar is a grey rectangular box located at the top of the page. Mouseover the search bar and put your cursor in the box. Then enters the Amazon book title and press enter or ok. The result of the keyword you entered will appear on the screen.

Search Amazon Books by Browsing the Category

Beside the search bar is an arrow that reveals the list of categories. Click on the arrow and select ‘‘books’’, a list appear on the screen. Click on the subcategory that the books belong to and browse through the books under that subcategory. You can add a filter on the sidebar on the left to narrow your category choices.

After locating the books of your choice, click on the picture of the book; details of the author, description, and review of the book will appear on the screen. Click on ‘’add to cart dialog’’ found on the page; a page pops up confirming the book have been added to your cart. If you want to purchase more than one copy of the Amazon book, you can select the number you needed in the ‘’quantity box’’ before adding them to your cart.

At the end of the shopping, select the cart icon and review the items you are ordering. After reviewing the Amazon books, you are ordering. On the right side of the screen on top of the cart page (mobile site), click on ‘‘proceed to check out’’. A prompt will show up for you to choose the right address and method of payment for your order, you can enter promotional codes if you have one.

Once your order placement is complete, click on place your order tab, and your confirmation details will appear with its estimated date of arrival included. An email will be sent to the address you used in creating your account.

Buying Amazon Books On Amazon Using the App

Amazon Kindle App can be used to buy and download Amazon books. This app allows you to access books purchased on Amazon Kindle store found on your mobile phone and pc. The app is available to all users for free to download.

You can download Kindle App from Google Play store for Android OS phones or through the Appstore in iPhones or iPod. Unlike Android phones, you can’t buy books directly from the Kindle app on iPhones or iPod but you can use the app to read the books you downloaded.

To buy books on iPhone and iPod, opening safari on the web browser of your choice and navigate through, you will arrive at the page where the Kindle store icon in the Kindle app would have taken you. Here you can search for the books you want to buy and download them.

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