Amazon Echo Show – Set up Amazon Echo Show Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Show is entirely different from the other echo devices. Do you know what makes it different from other devices? With the Amazon echo show do you know you can watch video from the devices? Yes, you can, it allow members on the prime services to stream unlimited amazon prime video and music on Amazon echo show screen and also connected to Alexa. The last time I discuss on Amazon Echo Show and the way you can set up the devices. Each of the Amazon devices connects to the Alexa and also to your Amazon account.

Amazon Echo Show - Set up Amazon Echo Show Smart Speaker

Millions of customers make use of the Amazon Echo show in their home to have access and control all the home appliance ranging from an appliance such as light, top, Tv, and also your fridge. With a virtual assistant connected to the devices. The devices have a 7-inch touchscreen that displays video call and plays video from other customers running on the devices. Amazon Echo Show is in form of a square shape and is accessible through the internet only as a prime member. With the devices, you can do things that you do on the echo dot or the echo plus.

Meaning that customers can access the storeroom with just a single voices call and orders reach your destination. Your delivery is tracked and recorded by the Alexa which includes shipping and fast order. Another service that is similar to Amazon Echo Show is the Echo spot. But its screen inch is smaller than the Echo show. So I advising you to get the Amazon Echo Show and enjoy the advantage of using the devices for your home. There are so many reason and features why you should purchase the devices. The devices has a front mic, front-facing camera, power port, volume up and down, camera and power on and off button.

Why You Should Buy Amazon Echo Show

There are lots of Amazon devices but if you intend on viewing the calls on the screen. Then you need to purchase Amazon echo show. With
Amazon echo show, Alexa shows you all you need to know whenever you ask it a question, watch videos and lyrics of songs, security cameras, shop, and views photo and also get news on the weather forecast. Another exception which is not left out is the ability to shop on Amazon web platform, browse the services and also listen to kindle book.

Family and friend on the same devices can call you with a video call chart. With the high microphone built in the devices. If you place your camera in your room, or your babys room you can ask Amazon echo show to show you what’s happing in your baby’s room with just a free hand word. There are four factors that summarize all this up which is play your favorite music, call family and friend, watch videos, and lastly control your smart home.

Where to Buy the Amazon Echo Show

If you are on the Amazon services and you are registered on Amazon prime to shop online. Good because Amazon echo show is here and available for members to purchase respective location with a prices tag of about $299.9 and is available on Amazon website. The services require you to create an account on Amazon and become a prime member to enjoy the benefit on Amazon echo show. So go ahead and purchase your Amazon echo show if you have made up your mind and then follow the setup process.

How to Set Up Amazon Echo Show

To set up Amazon echo show you can place the devices anywhere you feel confident about. You need an internet connection, Alexa app by visiting to connect the devices to Alexa. For the mobile app, you can download it on google play store or the Amazon app store.

  • Plug the devices into the socket output and then turn the power on.
  • Connect your wifi to the devices by typing your password with the keyboard displayed on the screen.
  • Then click “done”. Enter your Amazon email, password and click sign in.
  • It shows you the location you are in and then clicks continue.
  • Press continue again then wait for about 10 minutes to update.
  • Once done click install now.

The devices will go off for some time and then turn on by itself. You can start using the devices and so set your wall screen. By clicking the setting at the top and follow the process. Note that you are not meant to use keypad regularly. The voice activation can do all you want by saying, Alexa, what is my schedule today and it will show you on the screen.

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