Amazon Order History – How to View Your Amazon Order History

Do you know everything you do on Amazon platform has a history? Most users on the platform don’t have a clue about checking their Amazon Order History. If you have purchased an item on Amazon this is been refer to as an order. Users can check their Amazon order history to see items they have previously purchased. On this article, you will know everything about Amazon order history and how to access your order history. Sometimes you would want to take a look at your precious purchase due to one reason or the other.

Amazon Order History - How to View Your Amazon Order History

An account is a profile that is been created by a user, users can place an order using their account. In other to be able to purchase an item you need to be a registered user as this will give you access to buy things or order for things on Amazon. This account is very useful and important, without it you cannot order or buy anything on Amazon platform. You tracks and records are been stored on your account.

What Is on Amazon Order History

An Account Order history is information about things you have done recently or previously on Amazon platform. Your purchase history in Amazon platform are kept in order, according to the actions been taken first. Before you can access your history on the platform you will need to login to your account on amazon platform.

How to Login To Your Amazon Account

You can only gain access to see your amazon order history when you login to your account. Only users who have completed the sign up process can access their account. If you want to login to your follow the below steps. Here are some tips to direct you on how to login.

  • Go to which is the official web Address.
  • Tap on the account and lists button at the top of the page.
  • Then click on sign in.
  • Enter your email and your password.
  • Then click on sign in.

These are the tips to guide you if you want to login to your amazon account. But you need to make sure you enter all you information correctly and do not share your login details with anyone to prevent unauthorized users access to your account.

How to Vei Your Amazon Order History on the Amazon Platform

To see your order history on the platform is very simple. Once you have completed the login process which is above then let’s get started.

  • After you have login to your account.
  • Click on account and lists icon at he top right section.
  • Click on Your Order icon on the drop down menu.

By clicking on the Your Order icon gives you full access to your Amazon order history. You can now have all access to see all your order history and previously purchase on your account.

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