Amazon S3 – Simple Cloud Storage Service‎ | Amazon S3 Sign Up

Amazon Simple Storage Service which is called Amazon S3 is designed for business users to be able to use online backup and recovery data on the software program which offers is a scalable, high-speed, low-cost when using it. Using the service to run an organization offered great security and good flexible secured data storage.  Amazon is beneficial to business whereby you get to have the ability to secure collected data and store it in a secure place. S3 object has a storage device compare to a block and file storage where you gain access through your ID number.

Amazon S3 - Simple Cloud Storage Service‎ | Amazon S3 Sign Up

Retrieving data can be done at any place and any particular time using the web browser and your mobile phone. It has bucket storage that is designed by Amazon account for the user to store data in the bucket and for a bucket, there is a unique key assigned to the user.  Business range all over the world can use Amazon S3 which serve the user with good benefit to help offers a reliable security system and help to save the cost of running a business.

Benefit & Features

It has a great benefit to business users in running their software. You will be able to transfer data with ease and the services protect your data from being formatted. The user can run all there software in the bucket which offers highly durable and flexible platform to the user.

Amazon S3 as featured on the platform which as storage classes, bucket policies, Aws identity, and access management. The features offer storage classes to business user to stores the different data on the bucket and give access to the user to what to store whereby you have control over the storage.

How to Sign up For Amazon S3

When using Amazon S3, you need to have an AWS account. There are no charges in creating S3 account.

  • Visit and choose to Get started with Amazon S3.
  • Provide the following information needed.
  • Choose S3 to open the Amazon S3 console.
  • Click S3 console dashboard.
  • Click create Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Enter a good type for your bucket. In the Bucket field.
  • Choose a region to reside the bucket.
  • Clicks create.
  • In the console, click on the bucket to upload an object.
  • Click upload, and then choose to add
  • Click Open, and then click start

Now that you’ve created a bucket, other files can be attached to it. Maybe a photo, video, and a text file to the bucket. The  S3 allows a user to delete and retrieve their file when they want using the bucket policy.

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