Amazon Video – Amazon Prime Video | Start Your Free Trial

Amazon video is also called Amazon prime video which has brought movies videos to your doorstep for you to open, enjoy latest film show and a lot more in stored for you. The Amazon video is brought to you by Amazon for streaming live video online with just a monthly subscription. Just as you subscribed to your monthly fee when you want to watch a movie.

Amazon video - Amazon Prime Video | Start Your Free Trial

With Amazon Video, you get to watch any movie you want. You can also add the video you want to watch to the watch list and stream it later when you are less busy. Amazon videos offers a wide selection of prime original, TV shows, movie, kid movie, you watch were you can store your video, your video library which store video members bought, setting, channel, rent or buy top rated, drama movies on the HBO, box office hit is what you will see.

What Amazon Prime Video is Made Of

Amazon Video has an endless movie for members to stream on and also get to watch the trailer of each movie on the prime video. The video is available on, and the Amazon prime itself for you to access. This platform allows you to view a little text about the movie you want to watch and what is going to happen next in the series.

You can also comment on the video and have an interacting section with other members of the prime video. For you to enjoy the privilege you have to be a prime member and sign in. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial when you begin the process of using the video platform for the first time. The monthly price is about $5.99 to $7.99 with a lot of channel of about 1000 in the Amazon video Platform.

Prime video is also available on the app for members to download and get on the Amazon app store, Google and also streams on Amazon Fire TV, Blu-ray player, smart TV, and IOS device. To start you must be an Amazon prime video member which give you the access to stream video. Users who is a prime member can enjoy the privilege of the service Amazon has to offer.

How to Create an Amazon Prime Video Membership

You can create the account on your pc or mobile phone with a very simple and easy step. To create an account on your mobile device you can download the app on any app store and then get it installed on your device. For PC visit to create an account.

  • Clicking “create account” button.
  • Enter your name, email, and
  • Re-enter your password again.
  • Fill the payment option.
  • Confirm your payment and click continues.

After you are finished with the process you can begin to watch the video of your choice. You can sign in and out at any time. Users also make a quick search using the search bar to locate the particular video you are looking for. 

How to Sign in And Out of The Amazon Membership Video

After creating the account you can sign in to access your videos on the library and enjoy other benefit. Also log out of prime when you are done with Amazon prime Video by following the process below;

  • Visit on your pc to log in and on your mobile phone, you can access the app by visiting the app.
  • Enter your email and the password and click sign
  • You can sign out by clicking the account & list.
  • Then click sign out.

The Amazon video has given the prime membership the benefit to buy or rent any video you want. Using your web Brower on your Pc or your mobile app at any time as long as you register to the prime and make such you have subscribed to Prime Video.

How to Rent or Buy Amazon Prime Video

  • Visit the prime homepage on your PC or Android phone.
  • Search for the title of your video you want to buy or rent. On the search engine box at the top of your screen.
  • Click on the movie detail.
  • Select a purchase option.
  • Click on to confirm the purchase.

After the following process, if you think you want to take a break. You can also decide to End your membership video if you want to opt out of the services you can end it by going to the account & list. You manage prime membership. Then click on end member you can also end the channel you subscribed to without ending your membership.

By visiting manage prime video channel. Under the video channel, select the channel and cancel the subscription and click the confirm button to confirm that you have actually ended the sub. Your payment refunded back to you only if you haven’t use the benefit.

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