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Amazon web services also know ln as AWS is a cloud computing platform by Amazon. This is a platform that is put in place to serve individual, companies and including the Government. Amazon web services are available on a paid subscription plan to it users.

Amazon Web Services - Cloud Computing Services

This is just beyond the word AWS as it has vast products to serve users need when it comes to cloud computing. There as setting number products as Amazon web services are here to give you the best in terms of cloud computing. Below is the list of Amazon web services product.

  • Compute.
  • Storage.
  • Database.
  • Migration.
  • Networking & content delivery.
  • Developer Tools.
  • Management Tools.
  • Media Services.
  • Mobile services.

These are just a few of Amazon web services as this is a web platform that provides building box when it comes to cloud computing. As a user you want to make use Amazon web services be rest assure that you have access to a storage like never before. This gives you a low cost compute and a highly incredible high database performance.

Amazon web service has worked out the tool to manage this resource to serve your cloud computing better. Just as the world pay as you go. You are only paying for what you use as this is a better service for a better cost. This is just like the Amazon web store but now cloud computing. Amazon web services give you a complete cloud platform which is capable of virtually any workload.

How to Access Amazon Web Services

Most users who are new don’t know how they can possibly access Amazon web services. Well, this is probably because they don’t no the right web address. This web address to Amazon web services is which is the official website for AWS.

There are literally more that one web products up for users on the platform. As Amazon web services are here to give you the best of cloud computing. You can visit at any time using a web browser. web Interface

Amazon web services web platform is a very simple and understanding web platform. Users can easily find the preferred cloud services they want. As this platform has over 70 cloud services. But the good thing is on the AWS web platform you pay just for the services you need.

Once you visit the platform using the URL you will get access to see whats in store for you. There is a section for products, solutions, pricing, Getting started, AWS marketplace and lots more.

How to Make Use of Amazon Web Services

This is basically not a complicated web platform as every step are been put in place both for beginners. This is a platform with over 70 cloud services no matter what cloud services you are looking out for be it database storage, compute power with Amazon web services you get an incredible service which is flexible and reliable.

In other to get started with AWS there are three steps set in place by AWS to guide you through. Which are:

  • Sign up for an AWS account.
  • Learn with 10-minute Tutorials.
  • Start Building with AWS.

If you are a new user you don’t have to worry as AWS is here to take through the steps and process needed. But you have to start the account setup process. This is by clicking on the signup icon which gives you access to set up your account.

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