Aws Calculator – AWS Simple Monthly Calculator | Estimate your Costs

Aws calculator calculates all your monthly subscription of all the resource you are using on the Aws services.  Thinking how does Aws estimate my monthly fee and how is it calculated. The Aws services bought out a calculating method which is called the Aws simple monthly calculator to estimate the total fee for the services you use. It is very good because you can calculate the fee and you get to know. If any other additional charge has been made without you knowing. That the mean work of the calculator whereby you get to see the fee and how it been estimated. Each service as different pricing tag for business users that run their software to the service. So they need to know the pricing method estimation and how much does it cost which is called the Aws pricing.

Aws Calculator - AWS Simple Monthly Calculator | Estimate your Costs

The Aws pricing allows users to select and pick the services and the payment method for the resources consume. The Aws calculator makes uses of the Aws simple monthly calculator to estimate your bill which is very simple and easy to use. The tool helps you to estimate the cost of Aws services for your use case based on your expected usage. The calculator allows you to share and save with a unique URL. I am going to explain how the Aws calculator works, how to enter values for the Aws services and lastly how to estimate the monthly bill below.

How Aws Calculator Work

For you to access the calculator you can use the web services to access the calculator by visiting to follow the step. The Aws calculator consists of two features on the home page which is the services and estimate of your monthly bill. The resources page allow selecting a region you are in whereby the region you choose offers the services that are available in that location. The estimate of your monthly bill page provides all you the real-time deal of your monthly details when you click a common customer sample. When you click the Aws support basic it will show all your total one-time payment and total monthly payment. You can select the type of language if you don’t understand English.

How to Enter a Value for the Aws Services

  • On the homepage of the Aws simple monthly calculator, you can click on the services.
  • Select a region, for example, am selecting the US East (Virginia) region.
  • Choose the type of services at the right corner of your screen am choosing the EC2 for example.
  • Click on the green plus to add a new row.
  • Enter the description, instance, usage, type, and the billing option.
  • Specify the elastic IP, data transfer, and the elastic load balancing.

Once finished the process you can now estimate your monthly bill without many processes. All you need to do is click the marketing website which shows all you bill on the total monthly payment. The page you will is still the same as the actual Aws bill. Save the estimate by clicking save and share button on top of the screen. Enter the name, include, description on the box provided and click ok. Finally, your bill is store on the web page.

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