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Cloud storage is the act of storing data in a disk for a long term. This data can be retrieved which is computing with the Internet to make it more accessible. It is also a known as file storage but it has to do with online. There is a lot of exaggeration about the cloud storage computing but even as at that.

Cloud Storage

The main fact about cloud storage is still yet to be revealed. This is because research organization has two characterized component pattern. It is included in this cloud storage to move in regular change through a system which is either internal or external storage. This is done with the service provider.

Each cloud storage options have its advantage and disadvantages. It is according to what you want or need. There are Free Cloud Storage Where you are and your estimation. it is important to measure all cloud choices which can be made.

Cloud storage is classified into three (3) segments.

  • Public.
  • Private.
  • Hybrid.

Public Cloud Storage

This creates or allows multiple occupants and space, most sufficient or required properties for data which can reach anywhere. The data is kept in a place where data is stored for supply (memory). People using this public storage pay according to the what they use. Compared to the software program specifically designed to help manage and tune the operating system.

A single task or a small range of tasks as opposed to application software which tends to be software suites of the payment model. The payment is received and owned by AMAZON simple storage services, AMAZON GRACIER.

Private Cloud Storage

This cloud storage is rather a closed one and it is used in a particular organization. People that use this private cloud are those that control and manage their data themselves. It is a computing that transport data with the act to be capable of being climbed, resizable and personal functions that are provided by one program for another. This is through an ownership of a specific model of a microchips or CPU. A private cloud functions with just one firm, unlike the public cloud that works for multiple.

It is a computing that transport data with the act to be capable of being climbed, resizable and personal functions that are provided by one program for another. This is through an ownership of a specific model of a microchips or CPU. A private cloud functions with just one organization, unlike the public cloud that works for multiple.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

This is an addtion of storage of both private and public cloud services with the arrangement between the two (private and public cloud). Allowing these two operations to move between the two clouds costing changes as there is a need for computing.

Hybrid allows your business to be very flexed or bent without breaking being able to be turned, bowed, or twisted. This is without breaking and an arrangement or putting into use of data. It has a quality that renders services desirable for services happening at runtime instead of at compile time, predetermined or frequent change.

For example, a firm can use hybrid cloud storage to keep its sales, income and outgoing data that go on in the organization. The use of public cloud storage which can help the requirement of distributed tasks. Cloud storage is founded on an object-oriented programming capable of being overridden with a different use.

This is in a subclass of an underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system, with ease of access or approach interfaces, fast and able to be changed in scale and measure resources. It is stored in a reasonable pool across distinct suitable servers located in a data point center used by a public cloud provider.

Top 5 Best Cloud Storage

Choosing cloud storage you must be very careful in choosing a service provider there are diverse kinds of cloud storage provider. You must be very careful. Being careful helps you choose a good service provider and keep your data safe. Below is our top 5 best cloud storage this offers you the best and help you know if they’re good for you before payment.

  • Google Drive.
  • DropBox.
  • Mega.
  • OneDrive.
  • iCloud.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the top free cloud storage platforms by Google. This is by difficult Android’s official online storage platform. Users that run on other mobile operating system can also make use of Google Drive by signing up for Gmail account.

There are just lots of digital content and files that can be stored on Google Drive. These are starting from high definition images to videos and lots more. You can learn more on how Google Drive works and how to make use of it in terms of cloud storage.


You must have seen the name Dropbox or probably the box logo. This is just an awesome platform that offers free 2GB free file storage to all its users.

This is not just limited to 2GB only you can also refer a friend or probably link your social media account for an additional 16GB storage.

Dropbox has a Business plan that for subscribed user. This is a paid plan with an unlimited storage space to store files.  A user can pay 9.99 monthly for 1TB cloud storage space.


This is just a platform with a difference. Mega is built with an easy drag and drop features. A user can make use of the mobile app to backup or upload their digital content.

This is just so easy as users can also sync their digital content right from the app to their personal computers. Mega offers a free 50GB storage space and users can pay for an additional storage space.


This is a unique online storage that is now in the new Windows operating system file explorer. Windows 10 now has OneDrive in its file explorer to enable easy backup of data.

OneDrive is previously SkyDrive which is now called OneDrive. By default with windows, 10 operating system backup on OneDrive is so easy as it has already been embedded in the OS.


Like the name iPhone so is iCloud. This is the official clouds storage platform for Apple iPhone and other Apple products. A user can backup file from their respective iPhone iPad or other Apple products to iCloud.

iCloud give a free 5GB storage space to all it’s users for free. You can save anything that has to do with Apple starting from Mac Finder, iWorks, and other Apple product data on iCloud.

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