Create Shared Calendar Outlook – How To Create a Shared Calendar in Outlook

Create Shared Calendar Outlook – Share an Outlook calendar with other people
Outlook is a platform that performs so many different amazing functions both online and offline. But one of its most used platforms is the calendar which performs barely almost all it’s most used functioned. It is very important that users Create Shared Calendar Outlook as it help in creating aweness.

Create Shared Calendar Outlook - How To Create a Shared Calendar in Outlook

To create shared calendar outlook has been one of the best thing about using the outlook program, especially when it comes to dealing with business organizations. It has brought about a great reliefs of stress and also it has helped so many organizations and little businesses grow better.

Functions of Outlook Calendar

The calendar performs important duties and has been recommended for most of its duties. Some of the calendar’s functions which include saving important schedule according to date month and year, it enables alarm on the required date, and on exclusive part of the alarm part is that it can be regulated to ring 15 minutes before the schedule time arrives or even longer, it helps manage your schedule, and one important thing about the calendar is that it works as an assistant.

The outlook program has several other functions, but that is not the topic of this article. Create shared calendar outlook, has been one part of the program that has contributed to its success. Sharing the calendar is simply sharing your every schedules on a particular calendar with others or giving others a free access to your schedules, and this is quite necessary to group of people working together.

How to Create Shared Calendar Outlook

To create a shared calendar is very easy. The creating process is much easier since the owners always modify the programs process and functioning. Creating a new calendar for sharing purpose only

  • The first step to take in order to create shared calendar outlook is to open the program
  • Click home on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Open calendar and then click create new blank calendar
  • Give the calendar the name you wish to give it and also choose where in your mailbox where you would like to save it and then click ok.

Create Shared Calendar Outlook With Other Users

  • Go back to home page and then click calendar
  • Right click the new calendar icon and then select share
  • Select calendar permissions.

That is how to create shared calendar outlook. But your work is not yet done. To add calendar, click the add button, select the user you want to add and then click add. Finally, click ok and your work is done.

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