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Diary is a daily log of bringing together of an event and daily activities. Which an individual gather knowledge, opinions, skills. Especially those of the writer with the date.


It helps you to express your feelings, thought which you don’t want to tell anyone and it also helps you improve your writing skills and it helps you keep memories of events and happens around you or what you don’t want to forget.

Why Diary

A lot of people ask this same question, why should I keep a diary? This like I said earlier, It’s a daily log of bringing together of your daily activities. Your personal diary helps to keep memories before who do we snap pictures? We simply snap pictures for record and memory sake.

Daily diary entry helps you keep a record of what happens to you, what you want to do, your dreams, your visions and so on. It helps you to be a consistent writer. This is because it becomes part of you when you do it on a daily basis and you will love it.

It is really fun to write and express yourself the way you are without the fear of bad grammar and all you can feel free to write the way that pleases you and the way only you can understand.

Even if you find out that there is nothing to write on or maybe you feel tired just make sure at least you put how your day went for example” today was quite fun. I went to see a movie with Paul and it was really interesting. You can start from there and with time you begin to write in details how your day goes or how you would want it to be.

It helps you to be more accountable daily and what you need to work on. There are so many ways you can keep a diary entry, you can either get a notepad or to make it easier you can download the app on your mobile Google Playstore.

How to Download a Diary From Google Playstore

To download a dairy on your mobile phone you have to make sure your internet connection is very strong. Also, your phone needs to be an Android phone or iPhone. There are several diaries on your mobile play store but am recommending diary with lock. This is the best app for you to use and enjoy it is tested and trusted. And it works really good.

  • Click on the google play on your phone.
  • Search for Diary With Lock.
  • Install the app on your phone.

What does Diary with lock do?

It helps you to keep your own personal journals and record of daily events in a very simple and easy way and keep it always safe. Below are the features of the diary

  • password for protection
  • Emijos
  • Background that is personalizes
  • Different font style
  • Automatic reminder to write daily, you can also set a reminder to write in your diary daily and set the time for that.
  • The internal space is unlimited so you can write until you are tired.
  • It has a private and secure cloud storage.
  • It is also the most downloaded diary app on Google Playstore or Apple Store.

There is more information on www.writediary.com which is their official website. A user can also log in and set up an account via their web portal. All you need is a web browser and the official wed address.

How to Create a Note in the Diary

The note has three aspect which is the most important section of the diary lock for mobile phones, users can easily identify each note by the following.

  • Date.
  • Title.
  • Note.

After inputting all this then you save it and you can also share with friends on WhatsApp, Email, Gmail, Hangout, Xender, or send it as a text message. You can always view your note at any time as its been save on your device and other social media platform.

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