DJI Phantom 4 – DJI’s Smartest Flying Camera

DJI is a Chinese technology company which specializes on the creation of unmounted aircraft which can be controlled on the ground by its users with the use of a controller. One of their newly designed product is the DJI phantom 4. The company is owned by a Chinese group and is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The company was founded by Frank Wang in 2006.

DJI Phantom 4

DJI is highly good at manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which make use of controllers. Their newly designed product of the phantom drone series is the DJI phantom 4 as mentioned earlier.

The DJI Phantom 4 is the latest DJI drone of the phantom series. DJI phantom 4 is a fully programmed flying camera, that has the capability of many amazing things like to track objects smartly without a device apart from it, avoid obstructions and fly with a tap of the user’s finger while in use.

The DJI phantom 4 is the sexiest drone that has ever been designed by DJI. It has an improved visionary intelligence and elevated imagination over the other release phantom series. It also has an amazing newly designed piloting experience.

Features Of DJI Phantom 4

The DJI phantom 4 has many amazing features. The amazing features of the DJI phantom 4 is.

  • Precision Hovering.
  • Tap to fly.
  • Visual tracking.
  • Sport mode.
  • Extended flight time.

Precision Hovering

The DJI phantom 4 carries out a precise hovering process without the aid or help of satellite positioning support which makes it easier and safe to fly. This amazing feature of the phantom 4 was made possible because of the advanced stereo Vision Positioning System (VPS). The VPS enables the phantom 4 to brake at instants needed and hover when the joystick controller is released. The VPS tracks the DJI phantom 4’s movement and returns it to its original hovering point if its disturbed during a hover period.

Tap To Fly

With just double tapping in the DJI phantom 4, any desired user can be able to fly the phantom 4 in the air and also keep clear of objects in the way because of the newly introduced obstacle sensing system. Tap of the phantom 4 brings it back home with the use of the Smart Return Home feature of the DJI phantom 4.

Visual Tracking

The DJI phantom 4 makes tracking of a moving object possible because of the ActiveTrack feature in it. This can be done by simply turning on the Moving POI, so as to enable it to circle around your subject as they move or reframe your slot by dragging of the subject on the screen. There is no band or beacon required to carry this out.

Sport Mode

The DJI phantom 4 has a new sport mode feature which brings about the best-in-class flight control, together with its magnesium core designed for improved agility. The phantom 4 brings about the ultimate thrill of speed. The maximum speed is improved by 25% over the previously released phantom series. All positioning system are also kept on for a super and improved controlled flight.

Extended Flight Time

The DJI phantom 4 can achieve a maximum flight time of 28 minutes due to its advanced propulsion system, streamlined body and improved battery life and size. The battery life of the phantom 4 is improved 25% more over the previously released phantom 3. This makes it have more flight time by its users.

The DJI phantom 4 drone is the most highly built and equipped produced by DJI, so users of drones out there should try to make use of this amazingly built drone.

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