Download YouTube Videos – Youtube Video Download Steps

YouTube videos which clearly never seem to be inadequate are basically provided for users’ views. Every video on YouTube is supposedly available to be streamed on its web portal. However, sometimes, we crave for ways to Download YouTube Videos in other to get them saved on our devices.

Download YouTube Videos

By and large, there are a number of reasons why some users prefer to Download YouTube Videos to watch offline. It could be that the user is always so tied down at work. No doubt, this person would prefer to download videos so she could watch them at her leisure time.

How about someone who has limited access to the internet? Maybe you happened to find a free Wi-Fi connection and you do not want to stay there all day, watching videos online. Of course, if I were you, I just would Download YouTube Videos on my gadget so I could watch offline rather than stream vides online.

As lengthy as the reasons can be, this article will proffer answers on how to do just what you want; download Youtube videos. You might say that’s quite opposing to YouTube’ policy but in actual fact, there are free and not-so-illegal ways to download YouTube videos on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

As a matter of fact, tons of videos are being uploaded every second on Youtube portal. Whichever way a user would like to watch these videos then depends on his choice; online or offline. Apart from Youtube’ online route for streaming videos, this tutorial will provide various tested tools with which you can download your favorite videos from Youtube and save them on your mobile devices. With each selection, you can Download YouTube Videos and watch offline with out internet connections. There are several reliable Youtube Downloader mobile apps and websites for easy video downloads, even on Android devices.

Download YouTube Videos Using VLC Player

If you have VLC Player installed on your device, you can use it to Download YouTube Videos directly from YouTube. Having VLC Player installed on your computer creates a pathway for downloading videos from YouTube. You can use this mobile application to access the actual video file on YouTube’s servers, letting you download it directly to your computer.

The method to download YouTube videos from VLC player differs slightly between operating systems, but the process sure will not keep users puzzled. Although the software can’t convert video to another format, neither would you be able to choose your preferred resolution, possibly, the video will download in the highest quality.

It gives faster access than other tools mostly because it downloads directly from Google’ servers. Also, this method uses the open-source VLC player; no website or any third-party tool is required to download YouTube videos with VLC Player.

How to Use VLC player to Download YouTube Videos

Go to YouTube portal and copy the link address of the YouTube videos you want to download. Be sure to copy the whole URL. Proceed to your apps and select to launch VLC Player. After the software has been launched, follow the below-listed steps to download YouTube videos with VLC player.

  • Tap “Media” menu
  • Select “Open Network Stream.” This opens a new window.
  • Paste the Youtube video url copied into the box field within the Network tab.
  • Click “Open.” The video automatically starts playing in VLC Player.
  • Click “Tools” and select “Codec Information” from the drop-down menu. If you are on a Mac, click “Window” and select “Media Information.”
  • Right-click the text in the “Location” field at the bottom and tap “Select All.”
  • Copy the selected text, open a new browser tab and paste the copied text.
  • Right-click the video in your browser and select “Save” or “Save video as.” Optionally, name video, and choose a location where you’d want it to be saved.

When you save this video, it is downloaded to your computer. You can now watch your favorite YouTube videos offline, from the comfort of your home, work place, gym, anywhere at any time. Download and watch Youtube videos at your convenience, free of charge.

Download YouTube Videos Using YouTube Downloader Websites

You can choose any different YouTube downloader websites that can be found online. Some of the popular downloader web portals to choose from are Clipconverter, Videograbby, Keepvid, Savefrom, and Savido. Keep keen eyes to reach out for one of the popular web portals, trust me, you don’t want to end up using some unsafe website to download YouTube videos.

And you might consider installing an ad blocker for your browser because most of YouTube downloader portals have lots of ads popping up. After you must have chosen one of these downloaders, follow the below steps to have your favorite video saved on your mobile device.

Download Steps Using YouTube Downloader Websites

  • Launch your browser and visit YouTube portal.
  • Find and open the video you want to download. Note: you don’t close the tab just yet. On the other hand, if you are using an Android device, you can find and open the video in YouTube app, should you already have it installed on your device.
  • Open the downloader website of your choice in another tap.
  • Switch back to the previously opened tab and copy the full address from the browser address bar. If you are using YouTube app, simply tap the “Share” button and select the “Copy link” option.
  • Paste the copied link into the search box designed on your chosen downloader website’ homepage.
  • Proceed by clicking the “Download” button. Depending on the downloader chosen, find and select your preferred download format and quality.
  • If the video starts playing in your browser, go back, right-click the link, and tap “Save link as.”

Wait for the download to complete, after which you can play the downloaded YouTube videos with your media player. If you are encountering any difficulty when playing the downloaded YouTube videos, you might want to try a free open-source media player like VLC Player which accepts multiple file formats.

Download YouTube Videos Using TubeMate App

TubeMate YouTube Downloader is popular free app software for Android devices that allows you to download YouTube videos and mp3s from YouTube. Although the TubeMate app is not available on Google Play due to the obvious reason, it still can be downloaded on TubeMate official website or from any other trusted source.

Quite well, before you proceed to download TubeMate app, you have to allow your Android smartphone to install and run apps downloaded from other sources. By enabling this option, be cautious of the apps and places you download; you don’t want to expose your device to risks. Download only contents that you know are safe and reliable.

After installing this app software on your device, launch and find your preferred video or mp3. You can search for a video or song the same way you would on YouTube portal. Another way is to just copy the YouTube video link and paste the URL in the TubeMate app and Download YouTube videos for free on the TubeMate app.

With TubeMate YouTube Downloader, you can choose to play selected file online or continue to download to their device. A user is liable to select the format, quality, and resolution of their choice in which he wants a chosen file to be downloaded, from TubeMate’ arrayed file download options.  However, you should know that the higher the quality of a file, the bigger the size. Downloading YouTube videos is made easy with TubeMate friendly interface.


According to YouTube Terms of Service, downloading its videos, using some type of third-program program or interface, on a mobile device, without permission is almost illegal. In any case, using any method here to download YouTube videos is at the user’s risk. However, be cautious when clicking links and installing new software.

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