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Many shows and movie cable television network providers are in the world today. Some of them are popularly known by people who view its popular movies while many of them are not popularly known. The Hollywood companies are the one topping the world now. Many popularly known Hollywood companies are the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and many others. HBO is a Hollywood company which is very familiar to people.


Home Box Office (HBO) as the name implies is a cable television network that is in America. The Hollywood company’s owner is Time Warner. Charles Dolan founded the company on 8 November 1972. The Headquarters of the company is located in New York, NY, United States.

The platform broadcast TV shows and series around the world, that is its media files are broadcasted nationwide. It specializes in entertaining its media, users that views movies and TV shows have come to Crete a great love for the work of the Hollywood company.

HBO company has connected many of media through its wonderfully made entertaining ideas. This proves their slogan. The platform also has channels related to it in the digital network television provider. The channels are Cartoon Network, CNN, Boomerang and many others. The confirmed official URL of the web platform is

HBO Web Platform Review

It has a well built and designed web platform. Users can easily make use of the web platform. The website has different menu sections which users use to navigate the website. The menu sections are.

  • Series.
  • Sports.
  • Documentaries.
  • Comedy.
  • Movies.
  • Kids.

Sports series and documentaries are on the Sports menu sections. Users can get to know more about different sports series that is on the platform. The Documentaries menu section contains featured documentary shows and many other documentary shows produced by the platform in the past.


This is the Kids menu section found on the homepage. It is used by Parents who want to make use of the parental control routine option on the programs their kids should and should not watch. It is a safe zone for kids, cause it contains programs specifically made to entertain children.

HBO Series

They are the variety of series programs available on this menu section. It contains all the series on the platform. TV series that the platform feature in is on this menu section. Users can view these TV series. These series are the ones available to view on the platform.

Users can also check the free episodes option to view different episodes of TV series for free. These free episodes require no payment to be made. There a payment option attached to many of the series on the web platform to be made before users can view them.

HBO Movies

The Movies menu section is on the web platform. It contains the list of different movies and films which are all by the platform. Users can use the movies home to. They are different ways to watch movies. This is through watching their series, films, documentary, and sports as programs on television.

HBO Order

Users can use the order option found at the top right side of the web platform’s homepage. This option is used to select a way in which a user can watch these series and movies. There are three options of how a user can choose to watch these programs rendered by the platform. They are.

  1. Users can watch these programs on TV or an internet provider. They get to view the variety of HBO channels with this method. They can also stream these programs on devices.
  2. Streaming of the programs alone is another method of watching programs. There is no need of packages by any TV in this method. Users can also stream these programs on their devices.
  3. Making use of a digital subscription. Users can also make use of an existing subscription made for digital networks by simply adding them. This method enables users to view live programs.

Users have an unlimited access to view the platform’s programs if they want to make use of any of these methods to view programs. These are the TV channel stations are for the platform to broadcast their programs nationwide.

  • HBO.
  • The HBO 2.
  • HBO Signature.
  • The HBO Family.
  • HBO Comedy.
  • The HBO Zone.
  • HBO Latino.

Users can view programs in the cable or dish through these mediums. The platform renders many other services. Users can get more information on how to enjoy and benefit from these services by visiting the web platform which is web address.

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