Self Driving Cars – Carmakers Fear Self Driving Cars

The car industry is really changing the way modern days cars now function. This is just a tip on how IOT which is also called the internet of things works. There is some new generation of cars called the self driving cars.

Self Driving Cars


These are cars that have the ability to drive them self with out anyone driving it. This is a very difficult one though, as automakers have fear self driving cars. There is just lots of factors that carmakers are put into consideration to ensure safety on car crash.

There have been lots of reports about the Autopilot features leading to crash on self driving cars. These are fatal cases, there was a report were dashcam shows fatal tesla model S crash in China. This car crash was in January due to the car Autopilot Features.

Factors That May Affect Self Driving Cars

One thing about cars is the ability and fun users derive why driving. Self Driving cars are actually going to put an end to motorheads as individuals are not going to get the fun of driving anymore. Motorheads now rate these self driven cars as appliances but that’s really true.

This is as a result of the autopiloting features which doesn’t require human effort any longer. But this we actually work great if it’s going to have little to no car accident or car crash. Not just that less traffic congestion, fuel or energy saving, just to name a few.

But one thing is we it really cost less price than a normal car? We car makers get more for the value at which self drive cars are been produced. Another thing is that we the self driving cars be more effective and time wise. The big question is we car makers really sell more than the sell normal cars.

4 Reasons Carmakers Panics About Self Driving Cars

Just to look at a few there are so many factors why carmakers have fear for self driving cars. This is as a result of fading away so many functions and users ability on cars whereby humans don’t have control in driving any longer.

But things really has to change as Autopiloting is now the new birth of driving cars. Users now see these cars as appliances and not cars anymore as the have the ability to drive around without human effort. Let’s take a look at the reason why carmakers panic over self driving cars.


There is just so much that carmakers need to get in place to make this features work effectively as these cars don’t require humans effort. But it is likely for the auto industry to be held responsible for a car accident. As these cars work just as what the auto industry has programmed.

This has really dropped the rate which these are been produced. If look at cars in general after a crash it can still be sold out and get fixed for less. But for Auto self driving cars, there is just a lot to be done as majority of parts are quite expensive and really need to be replaced for it to function well.

The First Auto Self Driving Car Crash

As humans, we are not 100% perfect and so as machines. Actually, we as humans have recognized machines to be much more perfect. But we have forgotten that they are programmed to work in a particular way the manufacturer has specified.

Yes, that’s true at some point machines need human effort to keep them on track. The Auto Industry really need to look into this so that to reduce the high level of fear and trust in this new birth of cars. Just like the car crash in China I know the company that made that car we be labeled responsible for the accident.

New Innovation in Design and Brand

Ever one is actually looking up for newer and updated features that are mind blowing as cars now drive themselves around. Well for sure there is going be lots of entertaining feature for a better user experience. I know the chair we be more equipped with lots of entertaining features.

Passion For Driving Decolorize

Transportation by road has been long before now starting from the use of animals such as Horse, Carmel, Donkeys and lots more. These animals have the ability to walk but horseman is also required so as for it not to lose control of its destination.

There is fun why driving a car such as moving of the wheels and staying in full control. There are lots of vehicles that are been sold due to the love and position we humans have for driving cars. This is one thing that increases the sale of cars when they are been launched.

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