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Have you ever looked for things to do when you are bored out of your mind? You wake up in the morning and it’s your day off from work, or you are self-employed and have tied up all the loose ends in your private office. There is one out of many things you can do. You can read stories on www.wattpad.com platform. Most people find it extremely difficult to read.


Well, books are amazingly entertaining and educating. There are books that are quite intense and deep. Others are books that handle life in general, travels, food, family and so on. But if you are bored, you would want some entertainment right?, a book on food or travel will even make you more bored than you were, so I recommend fictional works with fictional characters.

We all know what fiction means, right?, ok, I’ll just explain briefly because it’s not everybody that loved literature in high school. Fiction is an unreal story with unreal people. It is purely a work of art, crafted from the writer’s active imagination.

Wattpad Books

If you are crazy about fiction the way I am, you would love www.wattpad.com portal. Wattpad is an online platform where you can read whatever you want. There are different categories with endless book options where you can choose anything you want to read.

Wattpad has over ten million free books. Below are the collection and categories of books on Wattpad. Believe me, once you visit this website, you will be confused, you wouldn’t know which one to click open. I have put together a list so that you can identify what you love and go for it.

Teen Fiction

These books are concentrated on young adulthood with coming-of-age stories on love, friendship, high school drama, popularity and awkward teen moments.

Action novels center on danger, excitement, tension. The stories in this category give an adrenaline rush.


These books are about epic travels, a journey into the realm of heroes, villains, pirates, fairies.

Paranormal books are read at the reader’s risks. These are ghost stories talking about ghouls, demons, zombies, and clairvoyants.


I know some people will jump right to this one. Of course, they are stories based on love, passions, and persuasion. This category features everything from sweet young romance to steamy new adult.


Here you will read books on century long love, coven drama, immortality and paranormal transformation.

Science fiction

These are books on interstellar worlds on science fiction for science lovers, books on space odysseys, time travel, dystopian futures, alien planets and post apocalyptic universes.

Mystery – Thriller

These are crime books filled with blood boiling murders and detective stories. Quite intriguing.


These are stories on dating, drama and disasters. It is also a book of classic tales of womanhood.


These are books with creepy tales of eerie encounters, haunted houses, urban legends and the unknown.


These are fictional books with fictional characters that portray a world of dragons, magic, princesses, elves and far away kingdoms. Writers make these things come alive with a series of unusual and unexpected events.

Historical Fiction

These books will take you back in time with fictional war stories and tales of Vikings, kings, and queens that capture the essence of history.


This is where you go when you need soul nourishment. You can find answers through self- reflection, healing, and spirituality.

In conclusion, Wattpad is not limited to readers only, it is open to writers too. After all, the books we read on wattpad was not exactly written by ghosts now, were they? of course not.

If you are a writer and you have been looking for a platform online where you can share your stories, then wattpad is just the perfect place. You can upload your works.

How You Can Publish Your Stories On Wattpad

  1. Create a profile on wattpad platform. You can upload a picture each for your background and profile picture.
  2. Write your bio on your wattpad profile. This is where you introduce yourself, for example, your name, country, how long you have been writing, the number of works you have if you have any dogs, parrots or chinchillas.
  3. Create a reading list. You can add your favorite books to your reading list so that you can dig them up anytime you want and read. In a case where a story is so good that you would want to read it twice on, you can add it to your wattpad reading list. I have a favorite author. She’s Lizzy Ford and her descriptive power is out of this world. I read her stories over and over, so I just added all her books to my reading list.
  4. Upload your works on wattpad. After you have created a profile and uploaded a profile picture, you will see a small arrow on the right-hand side of your dashboard, just beside your profile picture, click on it and you will see options like Notification, Newsfeed, Works, Library, Invite Friends etc. Click on works, you will see My Works, and something like this, ‘Hi (your name), You haven’t written any stories yet. Underneath that statement, you will see ‘Create A Story’, click on it and begin to post your stories.

You can even write a chapter a day. That’s another thing I love about Wattpad. You can just spare an hour out of your busy day to write a chapter or two and publish on Wattpad. There’s a comment section where your readers can comment and share their thoughts about your book and you can reply them too.

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