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Get WhatsApp Update On Your Mobile Store | Update to the Latest Version
Whatsapp Update is here to make the app work better with some added features. From time to time there have been some added features to most apps that will make use of on mobile device. These are features that are been added to the apps which are not part of the app as at when it was developed. The added features are called updates. WhatsApp update contains newly added features and functionality.

WhatsApp Update

This is to enable the app to perform some additional task that wasn’t built with it as at when it was been launched. WhatsApp Update gives you access to the newly added features on the messaging app. Most users is still getting it wrong on updating WhatsApp thinking that they need to delete the old one and download a new one.

Well, that’s also correct but not the right way to get WhatsApp Update. Users can now Update WhatsApp with out deleting the app and reinstalling it back by downloading it again. When ever there is a WhatsApp new version the update can be done on from your mobile store. There are lots of newly added features on the newer version this we enable users to make effective use of the app.

WhatsApp Update | What’s in the New Update

Update WhatsApp to the newer version to get newly added features on the app. These features include “photo stories” this just one interesting section where you can view photos and videos the users have been uploading. The new WhatsApp Update has a section where you can share your experience with other users in your chat circle.

The new WhatsApp Update allows the user to have an easy chat interface. This is better chatting view where users can hold down on a message and click on the reply icon. By doing that you indicated a reply icon on the message you hold down. But you need to enter a message in other to indicate the what you are trying to say. These are the recently added features on the new WhatsApp update.

Update WhatsApp to The Latest WhatsApp Version

This messaging app was launched in 2009 with just a unique messaging ability. But over time user can share images, make a video call, send an audio note and lots more using the app. These additional features were not part of the app as at when it was launched. From time to time WhatsApp Inc started including new functions in the App.

A user can now make calls, video call and other updates that were done to hence usability and function. There is just more to the new updated version of WhatsApp to give it users a better user experience why using the app. It is highly recommended that you update to the latest WhatsApp Version as soon as the updates are out.

The update process is easy and fast as users can get notifications on WhatsApp update right on the App. I have noticed that there is an Automatic update on some devices pending what settings you set your updates on. But one major way to get WhatsApp Update is from your mobile store. For Android users, you can visit google play store or App Store for iPhone.

WhatsApp Update Using Google Play Store

All apps that work on an Android operating system are available on google play store. This is the general Android store for Android devices. WhatsApp has been on the mobile since it was launched. The new update is available on Google Play Store and Apple store so that users the are downloading the app for the first time gets the updated version of WhatsApp on their mobile phone.

Most users have option out their mobile device to always download updates when ever they are connected to a Wi-Fi network. In this case, the user will not be able to get WhatsApp Update automatically on the App. The user needs to visit his or her Google play store, click on the menu section and click on My Apps and Games. You can get access to all the apps on your device.

There are three major categories on My Apps and Games section. These are Update, Installed, and Library. On the update section, you will see all the apps that need to be updated and also recently updated apps. You can Update WhatsApp by clicking on the update icon next to the app if need be. There is a web version of WhatsApp for web browsers mostly for users who make use of PC.

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