YouTube Music – Offline Music Listening Mode

YouTube is an application used for video sharing processes. Things can also be advertised with this platform. One of the very popular things that can be shared in this app is music and this is been done with the use of YouTube Music.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music Features

YouTube Music is an application which enables its users to view music of their choice online. It allows its users to get the latest official release music of artists.

The app was produced by YouTube. Since it was made by them videos are highly focused too on this app. So as it implies, YouTube made the YouTube Music app it was created possibly for officially released music by artists can be listened to and viewed alongside their official videos.

The users of this app will be able to switch between the playing of videos only and audios only modes. The app allows users to do all this in the background so as to make sure users can be carrying out other activities on their mobile device or PC.

Note: Only the YouTube Red members have the access to switching back and forth between video and audio mode.

YouTube Music Offline Mode

The app now allows its YouTube Red members to listen to music both online and offline. The online mode of listening to music is available or can be of use to both YouTube Red members and normal app users who desire to use it.

The Offline mode of listening to music in YouTube Music app can only be of use to YouTube Red members only.

Active YouTube Red members have access to downloading music in the app and then listen to them later offline without the use of data. This is for the duration of 30 days. The YouTube Red member has to subscribe again to keep enjoying these benefits.

Note: A YouTube Red member in YouTube Music are users who pay an amount of money for a period of time. Users pay the money is per month for ad-services which enables the users to enjoy some other benefits along with it.

How To Download On YouTube Music

The subscribed members can get the audio file by simply downloading it. The file size of the audio file is smaller than that of the original audio file. Users can carry out the download process in two ways.

  • Turning on YouTube Music user’s online mixtape.
  • Choosing a specific playlist, song or album to download.

Turning On YouTube Music Users Online Mixtape

The Music app automatically downloads audio files by using the users listening or viewing history.

How To Turn On Mixtape on YouTube Music

The app has made it possible for the user to be able to turn on their online mixtape easily. The steps on doing this are very easy.

  1. Open the YouTube Music app on your mobile device or PC.
  2. Tap on your profile picture.
  3. Click the offline button on the screen.
  4. Click on make my offline mixtape.

Your YouTube music online mixtape would immediately turn on after following and carrying out these steps.

Note: When users turn on the YouTube Music online mixtape the app then automatically downloads audio files base on the users listening or viewing history.

Choosing A Specific Playlist, Song or Album To Download

The Music app has made it possible for the YouTube Red member users to download audio directly from it. This is by them simply choosing a playlist, song or music album of their choice to download.

The YouTube Music is a very great and easy to use the app. Music lovers get to enjoy and listen to their desired audios with this wonderful app.

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